Buried or Planted?

Sometimes it can feel like we’re overwhelmed, in a dark place, and cannot see the way out. Life can be exhausting and I understand what it feels like to be on a merry-go-round —> just “existing” from day to day and feeling as if we’re not “living”. Take a minute and let’s look at a different perspective: you’re feeling buried, right? What if you haven’t been buried, but you’ve been “planted”? Every tree, flower, fruit, vegetable needs to be “planted” before it can grow and bloom.

So so instead of thinking we’re deep down in the hole, let’s think about how we can build a root system and grow strong and healthy. Together. Nothing grows on its own - let’s find the water source, the fertilizer and the sunlight.

If you let me? It’d be my honor to help you find your “bloom”.



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