Corrections Professionals

The Unseen Heroes

I've been providing mental health services for 25 years, 20+ of that in Corrections. I KNOW the toll this career takes on not only the individual inside the fence, but on our loved ones and families. CO suicides are at an all-time high and have an average life-expectancy of 57 years. Come in, talk in a safe and confidential space, and increase your skills and quality of life. Let me help you leave what happened inside, inside and grow your life outside!


Law Enforcement Professionals

Our Blue Line Family

Trauma and PTSD are human experiences but tend to be exacerbated with those in law enforcement. They are a reason to get help, not a reason to remain silent. You are NOT alone! Speak up and find effective therapy options for yourself or a loved one. Reach out to someone who understands what you face every day and learn more about professional and compassionate mental health care. I am proud to work with law enforcement, and will work around your busy schedule. Sessions are available in-person or virtually, where you stay in your comfort/safe place and we communicate via a HIPAA-approved platform.

First Responder.jpg

First Responders

First in, but the last to ask for their own help?

You're sitting down with dinner and the tone goes off. Dinner, bedtime, date night all will wait as you're called away, any time, any day. You leave the scene but it doesn't always leave you. If you've noticed some declining changes in your life, I'd love to help you find your best life. After just a couple of sessions, you will notice improvements in handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. Call now to schedule a session.



Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Whether you've been deployed once, four times, seven times or none, the 1% have unique issues. As an Army daughter and past partner to an Army & National Guard soldier, I'm familiar with what happens before, during and after deployments. I've been working with servicemembers (active and veterans) for over 10 years with the American Red Cross. Call me for a safe, private, and understanding meeting. Tricare application is pending!

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